Our Story


why "Moin Moin"? 

In Yorkshire we have the greeting "Ey Up!" in Hamburg there is "Moin Moin!". They both roughly translate into Good morning in the Queens English. 

After living in Hamburg for 4 years I wanted to bring a little bit of that back with me to integrate into my way of life. It brings me great joy when i say it. It's my hope you'll smile when you say it too. 

Our logo is the combination of the Yorkshire Rose & a 3 pointed anchor. Our family was born in Yorkshire. As a proud Yorkshireman, I wanted to show that even if we have a German name, we're still Yorkshire at heart. The 3 pointed anchor represents the 3 ports which have had a great affect over our families lives. Showing us our roots, everytime we see it. 

Portsmouth where my Fathers family hails from. Allihies in West Cork, Ireland for my Mothers & Hamburg, Germany. 


Going against the grain.... 

As I have seen the rise in zero hour contracts, job insecurity & increasing short sightedness by the leadership of companies. I believe for a business to be sucessful it is the repsonsibility of the leadership to look after those in their care, set the course for the future, allowing those on the front lines to take repsonsibility & ownership for their area of operations. 

When I was working for a FTSE 100 company, I saw the exact opposite displayed on multiple occasions first hand. I made the decision to leave a company with a culture & vision I didn't agree with. Returning to the UK from Germany & re-integrating myself into the Baking industry which I had grown up in. A craft which fundamentaly, is sharing good food with those who you love and care for whilst creating joyous memories. Some of my fondest memories are those sat around the dinner table with my family & friends. 

Due to this I wanted to expand and build upon our family bakery based in Rawdon. Where we will show that by working with your colleagues towards a common goal, creating a fantastic product & delivering exceptional customer service. We are able to build a company that looks long term, cares for & rewards it's employess when it suceeds. 


Kindest regards,

Liam Wilton

Founder & Owner of Moin Moin Bäckerei.